Are Online Slots Predetermined?

One common question that slot players ask is if online slots have predetermined outcome or not. If the outcome of slot machines are predetermined that means the spinning of the reels is of no use since the players have no chance at winning. To know more about the online slot, you can visit onlinecasino4 .

What Happens When Slot Machines Reboot?

If you are conversant with slot machines, you will notice that your bonus is forced to recover if there is a power interruption which will cause you to get the same spin results up to the time of interruption. Some players see this as an indicator that the slot machine has a predetermined outcome.

However, slots by design keep track of bonus progress so that it can restore at the exact point it stopped because of power failure. One reason the machine is built to restore itself is to help the house to reduce manipulation on the part of the player. The casino can also replay bonus for players to see.

How do You Know When a Bonus is Predetermined?

All virtual machines that are not Vegas-style (Class III) slots have bonuses that are predetermined. Online casino games have predetermined outcomes and some of these game categories are Bingo (Class II) Machines, Historic Horse Racing Machines and more. The bingo game determines the bonus outcomes, so once the outcome is already predicted, every other thing doesn't matter.

Game developers do not disclose if a game outcome is predetermined or not but one to know is to pick bonuses that don't show the other outcomes. This is common in the 88 fortune machine game where players get to pick a progressive. The general rule is that if you don't see the other options then the outcome is predetermined.

Are Slots Pick and Win Bonus Features Predetermined?

The answer to this question is subjective because it is depended on many factors like the casino you're playing in and the software you're also playing with. Many players believe that majority of bonus results and specifically "Pick and Win" features have predetermined outcomes in slot formats but this is not applicable for all types of slots.

Even though it is impossible to figure out which online casino and software provider has predetermined bonus outcomes, you can first play the game to find out. The best way to know is the play your favourite slot game in an online casino and keep a record of your result over a long period.

Other Predermined Bonus Features

Online slots have a wide variety of bonus games that have predetermined bonus outcomes attached to them. For instance, some online casino will offer players a specific amount of free spins when three or more scatter symbols lands the reels and many of the online slots have already pre-programmed the amount to be won in the bonus game.

Another feature that has been infused into modern online slots is the Gamble games. These games offer the players the chance of risking their wins in a gamble that will result in a double reward or total loss of their bet. This usually involves predicting correctly cards to be dealt. The outcome of these games is also predetermined.

Choosing the Best Casino to Play Online Slots

Top online casinos use Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure all the players have an equal chance at winning in the game. Before you register in an online casino, you need to be sure the chances of winning the games in their lobby is random so that you won't lose out on winning.

Another factor to consider before choosing an online casino is the security measure put in place by the casino to ensure all the information on the website is kept confidential. Top online casino use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates to ensure the casino is safe for players. You need to also play in a casino that is mobile compatible.